Cricket Betting India: All You Should Know about the Online Cricket Betting Scene

Online betting has been a rage in most other countries around the world for over two decades. In order to acknowledge that online betting on cricket has become part of Indian cricket culture, we use the term ‘Cricket Bet India’ to refer to the world of Indian bettors on cricket.

When it comes to betting on cricket India is keen to make up for lost time. The brave new Cricket Bet India is a place where millions of cricket fans use their knowledge and passion for the game to bet online.

However, betting on cricket in our country is known for specific preferences that make Indian bettors different from gamblers in other countries.

Cricket Betting India Guide: How to Get Started?

When they bet online on cricket, India fans can enjoy many advantages that a brick and mortar sportsbook cannot give them:

  • Bet whenever you want. Bet online on your computer or mobile phone; bet whenever you want with a few clicks.
  • Bet on the move.You can place your cricket bet while you are travelling to some place or simply on the way to office in a bus or train.
  • Enjoy in-play betting. Live cricket betting allows you to place an instant cricket bet as a match unfolds. Sometimes, you have only seconds or minutes to decide and place a bet.
  • Take advantage of changing odds online. You cannot take advantage of dynamic cricket odds in a live betting environment if you had to rely on a brick and mortar sportsbook account.

Cricket Betting Sites

When it comes to cricket bet India, it is all about a wide range of choices of cricket betting sites. Betway, Bet365, Betfair, Dafabet and 1XBet are amongst the most popular ones internationally. As an Indian bettor, consider the following factors before you choose from the various available cricket betting sites:

  1. Does it accept bets from India’s residents, because not all sites allow India residents to place bets?
  2. Can you use INR (Indian Rupees)? On the best online betting sites, you can make deposits and withdrawals in Indian rupees. Indians may have trouble making deposits in foreign currencies. Many banks in India do not allow such deposits to be made either using debit/credit cards or through bank transfers. You would also want to save on exchange rates and bank charges while depositing/withdrawing your money.
  3. Does the site offer a Hindi version? If you are not fluent in English, you may prefer a bilingual site that offers a Hindi version as well.
  4. Is cricket covered? You’d definitely like to find a website offering the broadest range of markets.

Also, there are some additional factors to take into account when choosing a betting site. Therefore, ensure that your betting operator also offers you the following:

  • The most favourable cricket odds
  • Secure Payment methods
  • The matches/ tournaments you wish to bet on
  • Live cricket betting
  • The option to cash out
  • High betting limits
  • The possibility to watch cricket online
Cricket Bet India

Cricket Bet India: Cricket Betting Apps

In a world where most people own smartphones, mobile cricket betting apps are becoming increasingly popular. Recognizing the need for speed and convenience in betting, many operators have created their own cricket betting apps to serve their customers and increase their enjoyment during live online cricket betting.

However, before you download one of the many cricket betting apps, check the following:

  1. Can you download it for free?

There are many gambling sites out there trying to attract bettors and most of them offer free betting apps.

  1. How fast is it?

Live online cricket betting will require you to make quick decisions. Hence the app you choose must relay information fast to allow you to make your bets.

  1. Is it user friendly?

The design of the app must allow to bet in a smooth and efficient way. For instance, does your app allow you to log in with fingerprint or facial recognition? If you must type in every time you want to log in, you could miss a few seconds of great action.

  1. Is it more comfortable to use a mobile app than bet on the website?

With a smartphone you can easily access the website. Cricket betting apps will not be worth downloading if they are not more comfortable than betting on the website.

  1. Does it offer a huge range of betting markets?

As a denizen of Cricket Bet India, you are looking for a wide range of markets that will allow you to enjoy live cricket betting.

  1. Does it allow you to watch cricket online?

You would like to watch cricket online even as you bet online.

  1. Does it offer additional features?

A useful feature could be push notifications that inform you of any significant changes in matches you are following, such as bet wins or something else.

Live Cricket Betting

Live cricket betting is a very exciting option in Cricket bet India. Betting on a match in progress, you will have to make decisions with every twist and turn in the game.

Choose Your Markets

In live cricket betting, you must choose your markets from a wide range offered. For instance, you may choose to bet on the number of runs that will be scored in the next over, or at what score the next wicket will fall.

Live Score Updates

In live cricket betting, you will rely on live score updates to help you place bets. Such a live scoring feature will usually describe ball-by-ball happenings, with the batsman’s name and runs scored, the bowler’s name and bowling analysis.

Changing Odds

As we have already mentioned earlier, the cricket odds frequently change in live cricket betting online. For instance, at the start of the match between New Zealand and Bangladesh at the ODI World Cup, NZ were favourites to win. The odds quoted were Bangladesh 3.20 and New Zealand 1.35. Bangladesh got off to a good start and when their score was 43 for no loss, the odds had changed to read, Bangladesh 2.50 and New Zealand 1.51.

Though the Kiwis were still favoured to win, the odds had changed slightly in favour of Bangladesh due to their good start.

Cricket Bet India: Fantasy Cricket

You could also prefer to download a fantasy cricket app. Such an app will allow you to select a team of 11 players and 3 substitutes from a pool of players involved in a game. For instance, If India and Australia are playing a match, the pool for the fantasy cricket team will comprise of the players of the two squads.

Most apps don’t have budget caps or limit player selection to a specific number of batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders. However, the fantasy cricket app you choose may define a pattern and you can only create a fantasy cricket team according to that pattern. For instance, the pattern may require you to select 5 batsmen, two all-rounders, a wicketkeeper, and three bowlers.

Cricket Bet India Strategy

Cricket Bet India offers you a wide range of options of cricket betting. You are now ready to start your cricket betting adventure by crafting your own betting strategy. At this site, we will provide you with the betting tips you will need to make your journey an exciting one.