Betting Deposit Methods

It is always a tedious job to look for the best betting deposit methods in India. Some betting sites mention the available options at the end of their home page or maintain a separate payment page. However, you must often sign-up to actually access the payments page. And only then will you know the available betting payments methods on their site.

Of course, one cannot sign-up on all betting sites to check if their preferred banking method is available there. This is where we come in.

In our betting deposit methods India guide, you will learn about all the best banking methods available for Indian users at the top betting sites. We will also highlight how you can easily access them to deposit on different betting platforms. So, let’s get started.

Best Betting Deposit Methods in India

The best betting sites deposit methods for Indian players are:

  • Paytm
  • UPI
  • PhonePe
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Astro Pay
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

We will describe each of these betting deposit methods in detail and the best sites where you can access these options.

1. Best Paytm Betting Sites

Paytm is one of the leading e-wallets in India. It is trusted and used by many throughout the nation. Hence, it makes sense for betting sites to include this banking option to ensure instant and secure deposits on their platforms.

The top Paytm deposit betting sites include 1xBet, Parimatch, BetWinner, 22Bet, Crickex, Betway, Betmaster. Some of these betting sites also allow withdrawals through Paytm. It is always best to withdraw through an e-wallet because it offers faster processing compared to other banking options.

Paytm Payment Method Ratings: 4.6

2. Best UPI Betting Sites

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is the safest and one of the simplest ways to send money. Most of the online betting sites providing their services in India support UPI deposits. You must use the UPI address mentioned on the site’s payments page to deposit the money into your betting account. It literally takes less than a minute to process the entire thing.

The top betting sites where you can process UPI deposits are BetWinner, 1xBet, Parimatch, 10CRIC, Betway, 22Bet, Bet365, Fun88, Betmaster, Marathonbet, and Crickex. You can use e-wallets like Paytm, PhonePe, BHIM UPI etc., to process UPI payments.

Best UPI Betting Sites

UPI Payment Method Ratings: 4.9

3. Best PhonePe Betting Sites

Another betting deposit method similar to that of Paytm in India is PhonePe. It is an even more reliable option that many Indians use on a daily basis for various banking methods. And, of course, the ease of payment process and its instantaneous nature have given its edge over other betting payment methods here.

Best betting sites like 1xBet, Betmaster, Crickex, Parimatch, 22Bet and BetWinner support PhonePe transactions. Register at any of these sites and use PhonePe to make instant deposits. There are no transaction fees levied on PhonePe deposits.

PhonePe Payment Method Ratings: 4.8

4.Best MasterCard Betting Sites

MasterCard is another well-known option used by Indians for transactions. Due to this, betting sites across the globe support MasterCard deposits. You can use both the debit and credit MasterCard options to deposit the amount into your betting account.

You just have to save your MasterCard details once in your betting account. Then you can use it for frequent deposits by just entering the pin code. But you must know that MasterCard transactions come with certain transaction fees. It’s not massive, but a small fee is surely deducted from every transaction you make.

If you wish to use your MasterCard to deposit at a betting site, here are some of the most popular bookmakers in India that support it: Betwinner, 10CRIC, 1xBet, Bet365, 22Bet, fun88, Cricbaba.

Best MasterCard Betting Sites

MasterCard Payment Method Ratings: 4.5

5. Best Cryptocurrency Betting Sites

The popularity of cryptocurrency is slowly increasing among Indians. Of course, it is majorly common among individuals that are actively using various online services like betting sites. Hence, you will find bookmakers accepting various ranges of digital currency transactions on their platform. The list includes both well-priced and popular crypto options.

The best thing about cryptocurrencies is that they can be used as withdrawal methods for Indian players too. The transaction is almost always instant, or it can take a few hours at the max to reflect the withdrawal in your crypto account.

If you are a crypto enthusiast looking to bet using cryptocurrencies, we highly recommend the following betting sites: 1xBet, 22Bet, BetWinner, Betmaster and Parimatch. Here you can find a good range of digital currency options to deposit and bet on.

Other than these, you also have betting sites like Marathonbet, Fun88, and Cricbaba where digital currencies can be used to wager and enjoy.

Cryptocurrency Payment Method Ratings: 4.8

6. Best AstroPay Betting Sites

AstroPay is an international prepaid card method which allows for seamless deposits at betting sites. We like AstroPay deposits more due to their secure nature. All you have to do is create an account at the AstroPay website and buy a prepaid cash card. You can buy the AstroPay card through your debit/credit card, e-wallet or any such options.

The prepaid card includes the amount that you paid to buy the card. So, when you try to deposit at any online casino, you just use the AstroPay card details. The amount from the card will be deducted and added to your betting account.

Since you won’t share any banking info, e-wallet info or other details, your transactions are safe here. You can only buy a specific amount of AstroPay prepaid card and use it completely in one transaction. There are no safety issues here. Also, it is best and can be used as one of the betting withdrawal methods.

Here are a few top betting sites that support AstroPay for deposits: Parimatch, 22Bet, BetwWnner, 1xBet, Bet365, Marathonbet, Fun88, Betmaster, Betway, and Betway.

Best AstroPay Betting Sites

AstroPay Payment Method Ratings: 4.5

7. Best Online Bank Transfer Betting Sites

For those of you not sure of e-wallets or other options, you can opt for direct bank transfers. Bookies support most of the top nationalised banks from India for users to attempt easier deposits. Compared to other options, bank transfers could take some time to be processed. However, this is one of the best deposit and betting withdrawal methods to use.

Reliable betting sites like 22Bet, 1xBet, BetWinner, Crickex, Fun88, Cricbaba, and Marathonbet offer bank transfer deposits.

Bank Transfer Payment Method Ratings: 4.8

8.Best Skrill Betting Sites

Skrill is one of the most popular banking options supported at several betting sites globally. Skrill is a virtual wallet which is an international payment system. Although it’s a foreign-based payment system, you can still make Indian Rupee (INR) transactions using this digital wallet.

Since it is accepted at many betting sites, you have a chance to explore different platforms using Skrill deposits. We are recommending some of the top betting platforms for Indian users here: 1xBet, BetWinner, 22Bet, Bet365, 10CRIC, Betway, Betmaster, Cricbaba, and Marathonbet.

Skrill Payment Method Ratings: 4.5

9. Best Neteller Betting Sites

Neteller is another digital wallet owned by the same company that runs Skrill. So, some of the features of Neteller are similar to Skrill. Neteller is available on several betting sites that accept Skrill. It is a highly popular option which offers INR deposits to Indian users. However, it comes with small transaction fees every time you deposit.

If you wish to use your Neteller account to deposit at the betting sites, here are a few top options: Bet365, BetWinner, 22Bet, 1xBet, 10CRIC, Crickex, Betway, Marathonbet and Cricbaba.

Best Neteller Betting Sites

Neteller Payment Method Ratings: 4.5

How to Deposit on a Betting Site in India?

You can get started by registering at one of the best betting sites in India. We have described several of them above to help you pick the best one according to your convenience.

After signing up, follow these below-mentioned steps.

  1. Navigate to the Payments/Deposit page on the betting site
  2. Select one of the payments options
  3. Add the required banking details like account number, mobile number, card details etc.
  4. Mention the deposit amount. Your deposit amount must be greater than the minimum amount allowed by the bookmaker for that particular payment option.
  5. Then proceed to confirm the transaction

As you can see, it’s extremely easy to deposit at betting sites. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours to confirm your deposit transactions depending on the chosen option. After the confirmation, the amount will reflect in your betting account.

Then you can proceed to sports betting and online gambling activities using the deposited amount at the betting site.

How to Deposit with India’s Best Betting Sites?

We have mentioned the general way of depositing at the betting sites above. However, here is how you can deposit at India’s best betting sites.

How to Deposit with 1xBet in India?

  1. Register and log into your betting account eg 1xBet account.
    Login 1xBet
  2. Click on the ‘Make a Deposit‘ option placed at the top right side of the home page.
  3. Select one of the options from over 90 different banking methods available here. From UPI to PhonePe, Paytm, MasterCard, cryptocurrencies, online bank transfers and many other betting deposit methods are available here.
  4. Accordingly, enter the deposit amount and banking details.
  5. Click on ‘confirm’ to process your deposit amount.

How to Deposit with Betway in India?

  1. Use your username and password to log in to your Betway account
  2. Click on the ‘Bank’ option, which is visible on the top-right side of the website
  3. A banking page with various payment options will appear. You will find top betting deposit methods like net banking, UPI, AstroPay, Skrill, Neteller etc. here.
  4. Choose a banking option and then select/enter the deposit amount
  5. You will be redirected to a new Payments Page where you have to select further banking details. Also, this is where you have to mention your deposit amount again.
  6. Lastly, confirm the transaction to receive the amount in your betting account.

How to Deposit with bet365 in India?

  1. Create an account at bet365 and log into it.
  2. Go to the ‘Deposit’ option, which is placed at the top-right corner of the bet365 screen.
  3. Select one of the best banking methods available for Indian users. Here you have a few of the best betting deposit methods.
  4. Once you select the option, below it you will get the payment form of that particular banking method. You have to fill out the form and also enter your deposit amount at this stage.
  5. Finally, click on ‘Acknowledge and Deposit’ to complete your deposit transaction.

How to Deposit with Parimatch in India?

  1. Log into your Parimatch account using your registered phone number and password.
    Login Parimatch
  2. You will find the ‘Deposit’ option placed on the top-right side of the betting site.
  3. You will be redirected to a new banking page, where you will find different payment options. These include UPI, AstroPay, Paytm, Skrill and cryptocurrencies.
  4. Select any payment option and mention the deposit amount. Then click on ‘Continue’.
  5. Now you move to a secure payments page where you have to enter the banking details. You will also see the instructions on how to proceed with the depositing further.
  6. Follow the instructions and complete your deposit process.

How to Deposit with 10CRIC in India?

  1. Log into your 10CRIC account using the unique username and password.
  2. You will find the ‘Deposit’ option on the top of the website with other options. Click on it, and you will be redirected to the deposit page.
  3. Choose from various banking options available at 10CRIC. The best betting sites deposit methods for Indian players include UPI, Net banking, AstroPay, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller etc.
  4. Once you select from the betting payment methods, you have to enter the deposit amount and bonus code (optional) on the next page. Then again, click on ‘Deposit’ to proceed to the secure banking page.
  5. On the next page is where you actually enter the banking details and confirm the transaction.

Betting Deposit Methods FAQs

We have thoroughly covered every other aspect that bettors need to know on how to deposit on betting sites in India. Now, we present you some frequently asked questions by the users and also answer them to help you out.

Is it safe to deposit money on betting sites?

Yes, it is safe to deposit money on betting sites. The bookies use SSL encryption technology to ensure secure deposits. This technology encrypts your banking data offering secure transactions online.

How to deposit money on betting apps?

Depositing on betting apps is similar to depositing on betting sites. You have to download the betting app and log into it. Then go to the Payments/Deposit option and select a banking method. Enter the amount and banking details to complete the transaction.

How to deposit money on a sports betting site?

You must register at the sports betting site to create an account there. After that, log in to your betting account and go to the Deposit page. Pick one of the payment options like UPI, PhonePe, MasterCard, Paytm, cryptocurrencies etc. Then enter the amount and other payment-related details to confirm your deposit.

How much time do betting sites take to pay?

It varies from one banking option to another. Generally, it takes a few hours to a few days for the betting sites to pay you.

What is the minimum deposit on betting sites?

The minimum deposit amount is dependent on the chosen banking option as well as the betting site. So, you have to sign-up on any betting platform and choose the banking option to know the minimum deposit limits.

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